inline images and carriage returns

When displaying inline images in Glulx games (using the “display” command), it looks to me like Git, Glulxe, and Quixe add no blank space at the bottom of the image. Gargoyle, on the other hand, seems to add about 1.5 carriage returns.

Is there anything I could change in the source to make this more consistent? (Or is there a setting in Gargoyle that would change this?)

Also, I’m looking for examples of Glulx games that use inline images. So far I have found “Map” and “Brain Guzzlers from Beyond”. Are there any others?

IFDB can sometimes be good to answer a question like this. I did a search for “tag:graphics tag:inform” but only got 7 hits: … arch+Games

Some of the listed ones aren’t using inline graphics, but other custom systems. e.g. Counterfeit Monkey.

I can’t remember what the situation is with the game Transparent.

I was expecting at least two of my own games to show up in the above search, and they didn’t. This shows that probably neither I nor others considered the appearance of an occasional inline graphic as warranting tagging the game ‘graphics’. Maybe we’re wrong?

Anyway, I’ve got two games that use the inline graphics function. You can check them easily as the function is used for a title page in each case, at least.


Ghosterington Night

  • Wade