Inky/Ink Include problem

I’m wondering if there are any Inky/Ink users? I’m trying to use a multi Ink project in INKY.
At the top of my first ink file I use the command INCLUDE file2. e,g file 1 has:


This is a story
-> house

then file2o has

This is file 2

But when I try to reference anything from file2 the autocomplete picks it up but I always get the message “Divert target not found”. I assume I’m not formatting something properly but I have no idea what. Any ideas?

Of course after I post it, I fixed it, I ended up pasting my story text into a new file. I think created the include and second Ink file with content. Then I played my game…and it made the error go away weird.

I have problems too with including files. The github issue page shows there are issues with using separate files (one rare bug erases your entire story irreversably, so be careful and perform versioning often or keep back-ups!) I decided not to use them, seem too unstable.

There were some issues on first release; the new version is pretty stable though. (My current game has ~35 include files and counting.)

Hm, new user here, 4 years after. I get the same issue. The game runs, but I am stuck with the annoying red alert notification of “Divert target not found.”

File 1:


This is a story (in file 1).
-> house

And the story returns to file 1!
-> END

File 2:

<> Story continues here, in file 2.

In my case, the error doesn’t go away, for some reason.

The game runs okay, so I just have to ignore the error, which goes directly against my obsessive-compulsive mindset.

Is the error over the use of house or use of finale?

Oops, I didn’t see your comment for ages!

Working more with includes, I get the impression that it must have been an Inky bug. I don’t see the issue anymore.

Thanks for your reply!