Inheritance TADS

:unamused: Is there anyone out there who has a walk-through or hint sheet for this game. I’ve just started it and I hate to get too far into it and then get stuck. I would rather have clues but, I’ll take anything you’ve got. Thanks. GEES

At first I thought you meant a game named “GEES” – you mean a game named Inheritence (the subject line) right? Not one I’ve heard of (which isn’t a shock – I don’t get out much). Anybody else know?

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Hi Admin! I’m new to this forum. How do I find TADS 3 development? Thanks for your help. I’ll get the Knack sooner or later. :blush:

I’ve never heard of Inheritance before but there’s a solution for it on Baf’s Guide:

Thanks. I needed that.
:smiley: GEES