Informer: Inform6 for Psion / EPOC32 devices!

Mobile Interactive Fiction development with a real physical keyboard?

I’ve created a fresh build of Inform6 for Psion / EPOC32 devices. Everything you need to write, compile, and play Interactive Fiction entirely on a Psion 5 or other EPOC32 device. PunyInform is included, but there’s nothing stopping you using the standard library.

Check it out below:

(A build of Inform6 for EPOC32 has already been available, but hadn’t been updated since 1999, and PunyInform requires at least v6.34, thus this new build. I’ve taken the time to move the source code to GitHub and produce new documentation.)


I still have an HP-100 somewhere in a box. It was a pretty good DOS handheld.

I’m glad to see this!

Maybe move to category Development Systems and add a “punyinform” tag?

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Thanks, I’ve moved it.

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This is really cool. I have one of these somewhere…

The first IFComp I ever judged was 2004. Most of the games I actually played on my wife’s Diamond Mako, largely while waiting for her at various doctor’s appointments in the final weeks of a high-risk pregnancy. We still have the 16-year-old kid, but alas not the Mako. It was a very nice platform for playing IF.

Release updated to Inform v6.35 / PunyInform v2.5:


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