Inform7: Shortcuts

i’m totally new to inform or interactive fiction at all, but i am a little experienced in general programming. though i still have little trouble using the right syntax with inform7.

what i want to do, is to give the user the possibility to make “shortcuts”. so that the user can not only go from one room to the next via a [direction] but also to a totally different location or room if that should exist (and there is a connection).

endlessly thankful for any help,

Emily Short’s Bronze had a GO TO command that did something similar to what you seem to be looking for.

The source code is public:

You might want to take a look over that and see if gives you any insight on how to solve your problem.

There’s also two examples in the manual chapter 16.10, Misadventure and Safari Guide, that show how to do this.

wow, thanks. i will look into those.