Inform7 Linux IDE index issues?

Hi all,

I am using the Linux IDE version 2.0.0 which uses Inform7 v10.1.2.
I am not sure if the issue I am seeing is a broken installation or something else.
The generated index pages sometimes appear to refer to themselves but one level deeper,
giving me an “Error opening file”.

For example, the file Index/Details/1_A.html contains links to Details/1_A.html which resolves to Index/Details/Details/1_A.html which does not exist.

To reproduce: Create a new project → Add in a room to ensure it is a valid project → Compile and run the story. Then go to the actions index and click on a link. I tried ‘Taking’. Then click on a ‘Taking’ link under the section Typed commands leading to this action. Are these links supposed to be functional?

Feedback would be very much appreciated!