Inform7 for educational, mentor-like games?

I would like to know your opinions on this subject, or if anyone already did something or tried to do something like this (links appreciated).

The idea is to have a game where you have a “mentor” person, who keeps asking you questions which you have to answer and then tries to see where your knowledge is faulty or non-existent, and then tries to teach you about those subjects. The game would end when the mentor can no longer find holes in the players’ knowledge. Of course this could be made more engaging, maybe with the unlocking of keys and rooms as the player’s knowledge evolves and consolidates.

Using Inform for educational purposes is a great idea.

The problem is: How do you make something kids will use, teachers will promote, and school systems will allow?
Or: How can you sell it outside of the classroom?
Or: How can you build it and give it away outside of the classroom?

All tricky questions.

fableal isn’t suggesting using interactive fiction in a classroom. He/she is suggesting a game in which a mentor character continually quizzes the player about the world.

Indeed @DavidG, that was my goal. This is more an experimentation of sorts than an actual commercial effort, so I’m not bothering too much with concrete distribution efforts. The character would quiz using some sort of knowledge database.

One difficulty will be getting a good conversation system set up. Perhaps you could have the quizzing be based on changing a world model, somehow? So that the player character needs to cause things to be a certain way, rather than saying that they should be that way?

If I were implementing this, I’d line up a series of goals, break those down into lessons/tasks, and then build a conversation around that.

I’d also do this on paper first…like a walk-through without worrying about coding it…get a feel for how it would work.