Inform7 for Android?!


obvious question: where is it?

Here: … 8615832212

Through trial and error it seems you need to sign up to be a beta tester to be able to see the page where you can install it, otherwise all you get is a 404.

Also, I thought it was working well, but nothing seems to compile properly. “There is a room.” causes the app to spit you back out to the main app screen, and that’s about all.

I find myself on the same mission. Is there any news on this?

I’ve since chased up the link in vaughny’s post, but it seems a rather desultory beta testing group - not much activity lately. I’d love to see a release, but it looks rather remote at present.

Well, I joined the group and got a download, but it doesn’t appear to be the latest version (it’s 0.41) and so far no update has taken place. I’m now trying to find someone on the beta testing group that can supply the most up-to-date version.

Is there any update on this? And are we talking about an Inform 7 IDE for Android? I’m behind the GFW of China, an can’t follow the Google link. That’s why I’m asking.