Inform7 compiler failure?

I got this feedback in Inform7 when trying to compile and run a blank file. Can anyone please help me figure out the problem here? I am running on iBook G3 (PPC).


That error implies that the current version does not work on PPC Macs any more.

It looks like the ni compiler is built to support PPC, but it relies on some dynamic library that doesn’t. It’s worth reporting this as a bug.

I don’t think it’s a dynamic library problem. According to otool, the ni-supported architectures are i386 and ppc7400, the latter of which implies G4 or later.

“dyld” is the dynamic-library loader, is all.

Hm. Google points at this thread:

Seems relevant.

Thanks for the quick replies. I will test this on my G4 machine soon.

I filed this:

Okay, I have tested compiling in Inform7 on the G4, and it runs fine.

Which version of MacOS is on each of those machines?

both are running Mac OS X 10.4.11.