Inform7 6L38 games with source code?

Hello, are there any full Inform7 games with source code available that compile using 6L38?

I’m posting this while trying to figure out how to make Bronze compile but thought I’d ask if there were any others that are already working and available for 6L38.

I have updated all 6 standard examples to 6L02 but none of the updated examples will compile using 6L38 due to an internal compiler error. I’d recommend you try 6L02.

It might be that “release file” bug. I got an internal compiler error too, but Bronze started compiling for me (aside from being too big for z8) when I did this:

Release along with a solution, source text, a website, cover art. [ a file of "Manual" called "Bronze Manual.pdf". a file of "Complete (Spoilerful) Map" called "map.pdf", a file of "Walkthrough" called "solution.txt", a file of "Making of..." called "Overview.html".]

Kerkerkruip compiles in 6L38 now:

Thanks for the tip tunesmith. All six standard examples now compile using 6L38 with the following reservations.

  1. all instances of “release a file of” had to be commented out
  2. four of the examples now have to be compiled to glulx (only Damnatio Memoriae and Glass compile to zcode)
  3. the text colour effects (zcode specific) in Bronze had to be removed

shin-sekai-no-kami.webspace. … d=examples

Wonderful! Thanks for doing the work on that, Shin!

I had also gotten all the way through the Bronze changes, eventually. It’s interesting to compare our solutions since I’m such a beginner.

  1. I was so stuck on Scrying Room for a while and eventually renamed it to Mirror Room. I didn’t realize you could just prepend “the” (from “Scrying” to “the Scrying Room”) in the table to force it to be read as an object rather than an action. Much easier.

  2. I had changed various "when in " to "when the player is in " and I see that you had instead used "when the location is ". I don’t really know if the way I did it is just an alternate way to solve it, or if I did it wrong. I’ll also have to look up “regionally”.

  3. In Section 2 - The Windchimes, I only wrote “The can’t reach inside rooms rule does nothing when listening.” at that one part - it compiles, but I’m not sure if it’s correct.

  4. The zcode colors bit is interesting. Apparently in Glulxe, there is an extension to adjust colors if you’re not in the status bar, or an extension to adjust the status bar if you don’t do it character by character. There are workarounds though, this thread talks about it, so it should be possible to restore the functionality. I haven’t tried it yet.

  5. I did do a bit extra - I think I was able to remove Plurality by only changing two (I think) locations. Also, I saw indications that you can also remove Case Management in 6L38 so I tried that, but I haven’t tested it to see if it works right.

Next up, I wonder if it’s possible to update the i7 SpiritWrak source (posted to ifdb last December) to 6L38…

Let’s say there is a room called the garage, and an enterable container called a car in the garage. If the player gets into the car, then “the player is in the garage” will be false, but “the location is the garage” will be true. It’s a small distinction but sometimes a very important one. The old “when in [room]” syntax was equivalent to “when the location is [room]”.

Most of these are likely to have been built with 6Lxx: … arch+Games

The changes made to the I7 standard examples from 6G60 through 6L02 to 6L38 are now held in a GitHub repository.

I just created a similar repository for examples found by an IFDB search for tag “I7 source available”. Has anyone else updated any of these examples? Is anyone interested in contributing their updates?

The Warbler’s Nest by Jason McIntosh is another game with Inform 7 (6L38) source available.