Inform6 for Unix package tagged and released.

I’ve tagged and tarred up a new release of the Inform6 for Unix package. The Git repository has been moved to gopher://

ahem… seems that in the gitlab repo the src dir is empty, and also the downloaded tarball…

[code]ls -R
ARTISTIC contrib demos include lib NEWS src VERSION
AUTHORS COPYING docs inform.1 Makefile tutor

inform-mode.el README

advent.inf balances.inf README ruins2.inf toyshop.inf
adventureland.inf museum.inf ruins1.inf ruins3.inf

README.glulx README.library README.translation
README.include README.paths README.version

dmenus.h helproutines.h newbiegrammar.h sound.h whowhat.h
doors2.h howtoplay.h seeno.h tmenus.h yesno.h
doors.h mistype.h shuffle.h torch.h zclock.h
footnote.h moveclass.h smartcantgo.h trinitystat.h

English.h Grammar.h Parser.h Verblib.h VerbLib.h


alice.inf aloneice.inf house02.inf house04.inf house06.inf README
alice.txt house01.inf house03.inf house05.inf house07.inf[/code]

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Yeah… I was a bit sleep-deprived at the time and messed up the tarball. I’ll upload that when I get it fixed. If you clone the Git repo, you need to do “make submodules” first to pull in the compiler code and the library code. Both of them live in other repos.

Update: now a good tarball has been uploaded

Excellent. Downloaded and compiled. Nice Job maintaining the venerable I6 compiler, Dave.

done. now I have six informs aside the seventh: :laughing:

ls /usr/local/bin/inf*
/usr/local/bin/inf615 /usr/local/bin/inform52
/usr/local/bin/inf634 /usr/local/bin/inform55

ls /usr/bin/inform*
/usr/bin/inform /usr/bin/inform6

(the first is a symlink to the latter, whose is 6.33)

and inform 5.4 for dos/GW (inf386.exe) from an ancient (~1995) package found in a shareware CD used under DOSBOX.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.