Inform6 bug? and Inform7 missing feature

The following Inform6 program, compiled with “Inform 6.32 for Linux (18th November 2010)”, gives output that appears wrong.

print “@{5d} @{5e} @{5f}”;

Expected: ] ^ _
Actual: ] (newline) _

I suspect this is a bug, and I further suspect it’s already known and maybe fixed.

I guess in practice I don’t really care about being able to print carets in Inform6, and Inform7 certainly doesn’t have a problem printing carets! I’m just trying to pay attention to details with my current crazy project. (Inform6 also has “@@94”, but then I’d ask how to print a caret followed by a digit. “@@941” prints ú.)

It is a bug, but it’s not filed. (I have a vague sense it’s been commented on before.)

It may not be easy to fix. Rearranging the levels at which I6 translates text would be prone to creating more bugs than it fixes.

Print “@@94”, “1” or print (char) 94, “1” will do what you want.