Inform webpage down?

I’ve been working on a new game, but I am heavily reliant on the manuals to get my work to run properly. I had no trouble getting to the manuals yesterday, but it seems the whole I7 site is down today.

Does anyone know anything about this? I grabbed some of the other resources from the documentation thread, but I was starting to know exactly which parts of the manuals I needed to check to do what I want to do. :wink:

Yes, it is down today. Just noticed.

Are you using the Inform IDE? I don’t know what’s up with the website, but I can access the built-in documentation just fine from within Inform.

(Of course, I’m not using the latest build, so I don’t know how the manual is set up with that one.)

Actually, my desktop had died a while ago, so I have been making/testing my games online at Playfic until I have access to a computer that I can download and run Inform again. So no built in documentation since Playfic just links back to the I7 site (which is totally reasonable).

Ok, that makes sense.

The documentation is entirely internal in 6M62.

If, however, you aren’t fond of having to switch back and forth to the document tab, you can always run it in your browser. It’s not pretty, but it works. Sort of.

(Of course, if you give the command TURN ON COMPUTER and get the response “You can’t see any such thing.” this information is utterly worthless to you.)

Unrelated: A J Mako, your animated icon is distracting as heck. Would you mind de-animating it?

Oh, it’s animated? I hadn’t noticed.

Does that include the “Complete Text”? I come into standard rule obstructions continuously, and I’m basically useless without a way to see the built in rules.

Also, I’d like a copy of that huge rule chart that shows what order and priority all the different rules interact in. Whoever made that is a lifesaver.

You should be able to see the Standard Rules by opening them from the Extension menu–they’re listed under Graham Nelson. On the Mac this is File->Open Extension->Graham Nelson->Standard Rules. (However, the extension menus is wonky in 6M62 on my current computer–I don’t know if you’re having a similar issue.)

I just realized that I don’t have the latest version. I’m on version 6L38. Knowing that I might just want to wait for the site to go back up for the purpose of getting a more up to date version before developing any further. I’m super curious to see the changelog, but I’m going to imagine that it’s down along with everything else.

Also, at least in my version of the IDE, the standard rules listed under Graham Norton is just a huge list of rule names, but doesn’t let me see what the rules actually are.

For example, I’m trying to do a continuous spaces sort of thing with player scope, but half a dozen standard rules are acting strangely. Having access to the text of the standard rules would probably help a lot to understand why the scope changes might be causing issues with various actions.

If you select “Open Extension…” udner the File menu, and navigate down to Standard Rules, it will open the (large) rules file in a separate window.

(Some rules are defined in I6 code, which is not laid out there, but the normal in-world actions appear as I7 code.)

FWIW, this is supposedly being rectified, though how soon Dreamhost will have it sorted out is an open question.

I feel stupid now. I didn’t even consider opening the rules myself to look at them in the editor.

The DNS problems are resolved (bah-dah-boom) for me now.