Inform recognizing names of kinds?

Inform 6L02 seems to be able to recognize singular and plural names of kinds now. For example, “container” can be used to refer to any container. Is there a way to disable this behavior?
EDIT: For example, I have a Hall of Mirrors containing several things of the kind “mirror”. There’s also a scenery object which handles “examine mirrors” and such. This worked in the last version, but now “examine mirrors” tells me I can only use one noun at a time with that verb. Do I need to obfuscate all my kind names to avoid this? I would prefer not to.

I went around it with “the plural of mirror is asdfasdf” which is hackish but didn’t notice any unwanted side effects either.

Good idea, I will use that.

The problem is a little worse than this. For two word compound kinds, Inform as of v6L38 adds both words to its index of ‘plurals’, but only the second word is actually a plural. This will cause weird effects. For example, when I defined…

A bicycle part is a kind of thing.

…the natural plural of that would be ‘bicycle parts’, but Inform adds each of those words individually to its list of plurals, which means typing ‘get bicycle’ will probably result in trying to take every single part of the bicycle separately.

The solution is to accompany certain ‘kinds of’ with a declaration restricting its plural to a single word and no modifiers. For example…

A bicycle part is a kind of thing. The plural of a bicycle part is parts.

Until this issue (which is almost certainly a bug) gets sorted out, every multi-word kind will probably need a plural declaration like this to rein in weird behaviour.