Inform Mapper (website)

Just to clarify, this site has no ads and has been created by me in my spare time so I’m not making any money off of it. Since I had a limited testing pool, if you notice any issues, please tell me so I can fix them!

You can upload whatever inform games you want at the main site. If you just want to play around with an example, I’ve created one here.

Inform Mapper is an interactive web graphing application for Inform adventure games. The code is available on github.

It should work on all z1-z8 files, but due to my testing pool, versions 1, 2, and 4 haven’t been tested against.

Fascinating! Does this work with I7 as well as I6 games?

It should, but I’ve noticed some I7 games have some quirks when it comes to object descriptions. Need to look more into it!