Inform Library 6.12.1 released

I have uploaded the Inform Library version 6.12.1 to the IF Archive. It should be in its usual place in a few days. Version 6.12.0 had several embarrassing and showstopping bugs. This version focuses almost entirely on fixing them. Here’s a rundown of the fixed bugs:

  • TAKE ROCKS, TAKE ALL, TAKE ROCKS mistakenly tried to take things from an NPC if one was in the room.

  • DM4 Exercise 32 failure corrected. Also fixed a problem that caused Glulx to get stuck in a loop.

  • L__M(##Give, 2) wasn’t correctly parameterized for voices and tenses.

  • Improved some nonsensical responses to DROP.

  • Corrected ordering NPC to take and drop multiple objects.

  • Corrected problems with DropSub and ImplicitTake.

  • Faulty OOPS correction partially fixed.

The one enhancement is that there is now a SelfClass. This contains all the properties a player-character requires. The library creates the default PC like this:

SelfClass selfobj "(self object)";

This was done to allow an author to easily create additional PCs for any purpose, particularly for switching between the present and the past. The idea is that you have a PC for the present and another for each of the past scenarios (or flashbacks). When it’s time to enter a flashback, call ChangePlayer() on the appropriate alternate PC.