Inform error codes I6

What does this mean and how can I fix it?


I’ll let others pinpoint the exact problem, as I haven’t worked in I6 for a long while. But it appears that library error 10 is a RunTimeError thrown by LookSub in verblibm:

[ LookSub allow_abbrev visibility_levels i j k nl_flag; if (parent(player) == 0) return RunTimeError(10);
Which looks to me offhand that it’s thrown whenever it finds that the player is not in any room. Did you set a location for the player in the Initialize routine?

Hope that helps somewhat…

yeah… is that a problem? I set a location after changing the player.

No, I was just making sure you had initialized the player to begin with. Again, the cobwebs are thick in my head when it comes to I6. And I can’t remember the rules about ChangePlayer either. But I’d check your code to see if you’ve somehow stuck or moved the player into an undeclared room/container somehow.