Inform crashing on compile

I’m using Inform7 on Windows.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Inform 7\Compilers\ni \
    -internal "C:\Program Files (x86)\Inform 7\Internal" -project "C:\Users\cesy\Documents\Inform\Projects\journey\journey_to_newtown.inform" -format=ulx

Compiler finished with code 10

What is causing this? It was working fine yesterday with the same story.

Strange. Does it give any other messages? Has anything at all changed with your code or the configuration?

Nothing’s changed with code or config. The main message is translation failed - what I pasted above is from the console.

Here’s a screenshot of the error for reference - “Translating the Source - Failed. The application ran your source text through the Inform 7 compiler, as usual, but the compiler unexpectedly failed.”

I’ve also tried with a very simple basic story, to rule out any complex data, and still get the same error. The same story works for friends I’ve sent it to.
Inform7 error.png

i’ve also had this problem. if anyone knows how to fix it that would be wonderful T-T

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What system are you running on @qisforquartermaster ? Is your install from the Inform website or an app store?

One thing just top-level to try is copy your source text out and save it in a text editor. Make a new project file and paste your source back in and see if it still errors on compile.

The “Translating the Source - Failed” message is a general explanation of what happened, for more detail click on the “Console” button (top right of the tab) for the actual output of the compiler. If you post that here that may provide more information.

That said, most failures of the compiler are caused by stupid anti-virus software interfering (particularly Norton, for some reason). If you have an anti-virus software you could try disabling it or excluding the Inform installation directory to see if that makes a difference.)