Inform 7 Web?

Ok, I see.

I still think a full clone of the IDE would be valuable on tablets. However, what you’re talking about is still an improvement, and improvements are good. Future work can be built on top of that, if someone is up for it.

First ugly posting…hey…it’s a work in progress…

David C.

FWIW, Guncho has some of the features mentioned here already: you can do collaboration by granting edit permission to other users (although it lacks a rollback/history function), you can view the index online, and of course it has multiplayer. It’s open source, too.

I’m currently writing a set of seven adventures in Inform7 with another fellow.
We use dropbox to allow us to work on them together.
It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s not that bad either.

Would be nice to see a web-based platform with the extensions being stored on the site running the webpages.
That would avoid a few hiccups in shared development.

It’s on the back burner. There wasn’t a lot of interest when I brought this up, otherwise I’d throw a project on github and put more effort into it.

If that’s changed (people wanting to pitch in), let me know.

The demo design site is back up (

David C.


Ill get in touch with my friend with whom I’m collaborating on a series of adventures.
We’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for putting it back up.

Note this is just a feeble design with no functionality. If you want functionality, you’d have to help prioritize a list of tasks. And we’d probably need at least one other programmer interested in helping. I’d prefer to stick to the back-end coding and find a front-end developer.

should get together with my colleague, Loki226, and see how it looks.
I’ll also ask around and see if one of the group is into the necessary type of programming.