inform 7: vomiting?

somthing like mouldly goats cheese you eat it and vomit all over your tunic

Instead of eating the disgusting-looking stuff that you don't know what it is and don't want to know: Say "You manage to get the stuff down your gullet, but can[apostrophe]t quite keep it down once it gets there." Now the disgusting-looking stuff that you don't know what it is and don't want to know is off-stage; If the player is wearing the clean white shirt: Now the printed name of the clean white shirt is "puke-stained shirt"; Now the description of the clean white shirt is "This shirt is stained with some sort of greenish-yellow substance.".

I’ll leave it to you to add appropriate code for smelling the shirt afterwards.

Robert Rothman

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I’m starting to wonder if this individual is serious about writing a game.

there is nothing wrong with trying to make your game funny in some parts. i am using mouldy goats cheese in my game.

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I actually wrote a game which is set partly in ancient Rome. In the interest of verisimilitude, one of the rooms in the Senator’s villa is a vomitorium (right next to the banquet hall, of course). And, although it had nothing to do with the plot, I had to provide appropriate responses for the things a player might reasonably be expected to try.

Another part of the same game is set in the wild west – and every general store in the wild west had to have a barrel full of beans. And since eating the beans had to produce the expected physical response – well, you get the idea.

Robert Rothman

Funny games are cool – I’m not trying to dissuade you! (Portions of “A Flustered Duck” were intended to be funny. Whether I succeeded … I’ve heard no complaints so far.) I just made that comment because it didn’t seem you were asking a question.

I do not think it means what you think it means.

A quote from my favorite movie of all time…

(I added the — Inigo Montoya)

Along similar lines. Instead of just saying “you die” after eating a toadstool can I introduce the concept of vomiting to give people the chance to save themselves from a “funny” action?

Before going to the throne room:
	if the player has eaten the toadstool:
		say "you start to feel sick. That toadstool is not sitting right!".

Before entering the kings chambers:
	if the player has eaten the toadstool and the player has not vomited:
		say "You stumble to the ground and your vision fades to black. You are dead!";
                      end the story.

instead of vomiting:
       say "Retching and gagging, the horrible toadstool finally emerges onto the King's fine rug.";
       now the toadstool is nowhere.
now the description of the kings rug is "stained.".

I’m pretty sure that a player upon being told “You are in a vomitorium”, that the player will try to vomit. Then the game should scold the player for the misconception.


I see, yes.