Inform 7 (Vehicle)

I am making to a vehicle that is a motorcycle. My issue is that it say in motorcycle, can i change it to say on? Sorry in advance, new to this and really not sure i can even do it, but i am trying. Also how can i start where player is on it at beginning?


There’s an extension called Rideable Vehicles by Graham Nelson for this purpose. It’s built into Inform, so you don’t need to install anything; you just need to say Include Rideable Vehicles by Graham Nelson.


Thank you so much.


Just for giggles, this is my cheap imitation of Rideable Vehicles’ supporter-as-pseudo-vehicle functionality. (No rideable animals, no mount or ride commands…)

A conveyance is a kind of supporter.
A conveyance is always enterable.
A conveyance is usually portable.
A conveyance is usually pushable between rooms.
A conveyance is seldom fixed in place.

Setting action variables for going (this is the allow conveyances to be going vehicles rule):
    if the actor is on a conveyance (called the ride), now the vehicle gone by is the ride.
The stand up before going rule does nothing when the actor is on a conveyance.
example output If you add
Lab is room.
The unicycle is conveyance in lab.
Parlor is north of lab.
The platform is enterable supporter in parlor.

test me with "get on unicycle / go north / get on platform"

you’d see…

>test me
>[1] get on unicycle
You get onto the unicycle.
>[2] go north
Parlor (on the unicycle)
You can see a platform here.
>[3] get on platform
(getting off the unicycle)
You get onto the platform.

Thanks so much.

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