Inform 7 v10 - LInux CLI - Use & Install Extensions?

I7 v10 is working very well on my RPi 4 command line.

I cannot figure out how to install and use extensions such as Eric Eve’s Exit Lister. I have the v11.i7x file but I cannot make it work.


Thank you

PS. Exit Lister works fine on the Windows IDE version.

# mkdir -p "project-name.materials/Extensions/Eric Eve"
# cp "$HOME/Downloads/Exit Lister-v11.i7x"  "project-name.materials/Extensions/Eric Eve"
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That did the trick but I had to resort to the gui folder app to manipulate the directories and move the file. Raspbian doesn’t work well with spaces in file names and folder names, even using an " ’ " before and after.

Thank you!

An alternative is to skip the quotes and put a backslash before the spaces (that’s what I actually do; I used the quotes here because I thought it would be easier to read).

Also, shell tab-completion is your friend and will backslash-escape spaces in paths automatically once you’ve typed enough for it to find it.


Another great tip. Thank you.

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