Inform 7 V10.1.1 Compile Error

“Property given twice in the same declaration” Error.

I’ve installed the recently available V10.1.1 for Windows. Most games I’ve created compile okay but getting an error on my recent WIP. I’ve no idea what is causing it, it is only using two extensions and both have worked okay in other games I’ve tried to compile. Can anyone help?

C:\Program Files\Inform 7\Compilers\inform7 \
    -internal "C:\Program Files\Inform 7\Internal" -external "C:\Users\ro\Documents\Inform" -project "C:\Users\ro\OneDrive\Inform\Again and Again.inform" -format=Inform6/32d
Inform 7 v10.1.1 has started.
I've now read your source text, which is 267983 words long.
I've also read Basic Inform by Graham Nelson, which is 7691 words long.
I've also read English Language by Graham Nelson, which is 2328 words long.
I've also read Standard Rules by Graham Nelson, which is 32164 words long.
I've also read Locksmith by Emily Short, which is 4116 words long.
I've also read Patrollers by Michael Callaghan, which is 9355 words long.

  The 267983-word source text has successfully been translated. There were 21
    rooms and 439 things.
Inform 7 has finished.

C:\Program Files\Inform 7\Compilers\inform6 \
    -wSDG +include_path=..\Source,.\ auto.inf output.ulx
Inform 6.41 for Win32 (22nd July 2022)
auto.inf(28329): Error:  Property given twice in the same declaration: "P_etc"
>     with P_etc
In:  1 source code files            425169 syntactic lines
378219 textual lines              12416884 characters (ISO 8859-1 Latin1)
 37802 symbols                    14921244 bytes of memory
Out:   Glulx story file 1.220828 (3313K long):
    48 classes                         528 objects
   233 global vars                  221271 variable/array space
   231 verbs                          1615 dictionary entries
   546 grammar lines (version 2)       938 grammar tokens (unlimited)
   219 actions                          43 attributes (maximum 56)
    39 common props (maximum 253)      192 individual props (unlimited)
2080646 bytes of code                120565 unused bytes stripped out (5.8%)
1203007 characters used in text      843313 bytes compressed (rate 0.701)
     0 abbreviations (maximum 64)     8840 routines (unlimited)
335720 instructions of code         235674 sequence points
588544 bytes writable memory used   2803456 bytes read-only memory used
3392000 bytes used in machine    1070349824 bytes free in machine
Compiled with 1 error and 15044 suppressed warnings (no output)
Completed in 5.00 seconds

Compiler finished with code 1

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what version of Patrollers are you using? Could you provide a google drive link or similar, or copy it to a .txt file and attach it to a reply here please?

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I’m using V12, which I’ve attached.

Patrollers.txt (50.2 KB)

Do you create a property called “etc” in your story? Can you show us the code involving its declaration from your source? And what are the lines around line number 28329 in your auto.inf ?

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Got it! I have nothing declared as “etc” in the game but I have got one particular variable with a long name. Shorted it and the game now compiles. Thanks for the help, never thought about looking in the auto.inf.

That is worth reporting as a bug, though, if it hasn’t been already. Issues like overly long variable names should give you an informative problem message instead of crashing at the I6 level.

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I’ll have a go at logging it.

I came up with a minimal code example that reproduced this:

lab is a room.

a person has a number called 

a person has a number called  

and added it to Richard’s bug report at I7-2199.

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