Inform 7 source index of Sparkle

I wrote a story called Sparkle for Shufflecomp, and release 3 is now available.

As usual I’ve released the source text which can be read here. With 17,699 words, 63 things and 10 rooms Sparkle is a small-to-medium sized story. The source has a total of 59 footnotes, ranging from code clarifications to developer commentary.

As an experiment I’ve also compiled an index which has links to Inform language features used in the source, divided in chapters roughly equivalent to the ones used in the Writing with Inform manual. The idea is that you can look up a feature like “for the first time” or “a random chance” and see how it’s used in a real project.

The source text uses all major Inform features in one form or another except scenes, multimedia and equations (although it obviously doesn’t have instances of all possible Inform syntax). It also uses the new adaptive text feature to let the player choose between first and second person viewpoint.

The story web site is at which links to the source text in different forms (table of contents, index, full text). The up-to-date code is at GitHub.

In addition, the Achievements extension used by the story is now also available here. It provides a rule-based achievement system and is fully compatible with 6L02.

Wow, this is great! Thanks, Juhana.

Man, this is some nicely-organised and commented-up code.