Inform 7 skipping ahed in the game

When making a game in inform 7 is there a way to start playing the game where ever you want or do you alway have to start at the first room?

If what you’re asking is whether the author can specify that play begins somewhere other than the first room that is defined in the code, I think there is a way to do it. The starting location defaults to the first room to be defined, but I think this can be overridden (I don’t recall what the language is to do that).

If you’re asking whether the player can decide to start at a location other than what the author has designated as the starting location, I don’t think that is possible. If it were, it would allow players to get around all the carefully crafted rules that make up your story world.

Robert Rothman

yes i mean the author.

Just put the player in a different room.

Like, “The player is in The Other Room” at the beginning, as you would write “now the player is in The Other Room” somewhere in the middle of the game.

There are some handy debugging commands that you can use when the game has been compiled for testing (which is the default in the IDE). They don’t seem to be documented, but if you go to the Commands A-Z section of the Actions Index and search for “testing command,” you’ll find them.

Try these out:

gonear [something or someplace]
purloin [something]
showme [something]
abstract [something] to [something or someplace]
actor is [any person]

“gonear” is the one you want here, but some of the others can also be very useful.

You can create testing commands that automatically give a sequence of commands to the interpreter. I don’t have Inform here to check, but search the documentation for “test me with”.

You can also replay commands from the skein. Check the Skein tab or search the docs for “skein”.

Oh that works. awsome!