Inform 7 site problems?

Has anybody else been having trouble getting into the main Inform 7 site this morning? Instead of the normal-looking site, I’m getting the following:

followed by a lot of code.

Robert Rothman

Yup, I’m having the same trouble right now! (using both Firefox and IE)

Really colorful code, though. Is that lavender? Mmmm… lavender…

likewise - anyone know who the site admin is? I can’t get a google cache or an look at the pages …

Yeah, still down. :confused:

I filed – the bug-tracker still works.

we can’t even download extensions from the website, for example I needed badly … 20Book.i7x which I hadn’t saved

Ditto … I’m really needing to download some extensions. A bit of a frustrating roadblock!

I sent an email to Graham Nelson yesterday and he said they were investigating the cause of the problem. So work is being done, and all that.

FWIW, it looks like what’s happened is that the people running the server upgraded some software and left out a piece we need to run the site. So we’re looking into this, but I don’t know an exact timeframe on when it’s likely to be fixed.

Any chance of temporarily hosting the extensions somewhere if it takes long? (Even if it’s just the plain .i7x files.)

Is there a reason the extensions aren’t hosted on the Archive?

I can mirror the site until whatever is resolved if need be.

Most extensions are cached by Google. For instance, if you need Permadeath by Victor Gijsbers, you could search for cache: Similarly, to get a list of extensions you could search for cache:

Yes, it’s always someone else’s fault. With that kind of attitude, I’m not surprised you can’t get even the simplest things to work.

In case anyone else is wondering:

The site now has a temporary home page that links to the (static) I7 download page and extensions directory.

EDIT-ADD: Scratch that. All fixed now. :slight_smile:

The site is, indeed, now back up. Dreamhost are not at all bad, as hosts go: but funny things happen in dreams.

As to Jacek Pudlo’s remarks: nobody has to pay any money to access Inform or its website. It’s a free service, entirely volunteer-run, and the (not very large) financial costs of hosting, etc., aren’t passed on to the writers, students and games-people who want to give it a try. It costs nothing to use except for basic courtesy and community spirit. Almost all of its users are happy to pay this price; but those who aren’t are entirely welcome to use other software instead.

A problem that was allowed to remain unsolved for days on end was solved one hour and fifteen minutes after my intervention. I’m surprised I have such influence in this community. My only regret is that I didn’t intervene earlier. Rest assured I will use my powers wisely. Oh, and there’s absolutely no need to thank me or pay me for my services. My work is purely pro bono, my only reward being the basic courtesy and community spirit my presence here engenders.

As to the notion that volunteer work is somehow beyond the pale of criticism, I do hope you are not extending that notion to the artistic output of this community. I’m sure you are aware of the fact that writers do not pass the costs of writing interactive fiction on to their players.