Inform 7 sample source

I have been attempting to compile a number of sample games for Inform 7, to no avail. I know I have the latest version of Inform 7 (build 5G67). None of the samples on inform website managed to compile. Attempts to remove offending sections of the source code and recompile resulted in a slew of new error messages (hardly surprising actually, but i was desperate!). Does anyone have any experience compiling Inform 7 games? Is there perhaps a good place to find some Inform 7 source code?

Any help at all would be appreciated


Could you post again with the samples you’re using, exactly as you entered them in the source window, and the errors you received?

I believe Kays means the Worked Examples: The Reliques of Tolti-Aph, Bronze, Glass, Damnatio Memoriae and the two When in Romes.

I wonder if those games have been updated along with new builds of I7.

OK, just as a test I compiled Bronze with the new build of I7. Other than needing to comment out the ‘Release With’ code (due to lack of the cover image) and set the game to compile to .z8, everything worked fine. So I’m guessing Kays is running into some other kind of problem.