Inform 7: Return to last edit

In Word, it’s possible to set it up so that when you reopen a document, it automatically jumps to the point of the last edit, saving you having to manually find it yourself. Is there any way of doing the same thing in Inform 7? Right now in my work in progress, whenever I reopen it, the cursor begins at the very start of the document. Is there any way of altering this so it will jump to the point of the last edit?

Not to my knowledge, but the SEARCH function and the ability to cathegorise the whole source (books, volumes, sections, et al) should help.

Alternatively, before you quit I7, you can type gibberish, and then press F7 (on Windows) when you boot it up. It’ll quickly compile, throw an error, and you can click the link on the error for it to jump to the relevant place in the source code.

Hardly ideal, but still.

The gibberish idea is a nice one. I used to do something similar in Word so I could quickly do a search for “aaaaa” and return to my last edit position before I discovered a better way of doing it.

There’s no reason this couldn’t be added as an IDE feature.