Inform 7 on Mac: Installation and Use

Hi everyone. I’m new to using a Mac; I just bought a MacBook Air yesterday. Decided to start using in for Inform. So, I downloaded Inform 7 from the site, and I opened it. Unlike on Windows, there was no installation dialog, it just popped straight open. Is that normal? The i7.dmg (not the exact name) file is in my Downloads folder, should I move it somewhere else? Is their supposed to be in install folder. I opened a project and it appeared under my documents folder, but there was no Inform folder there in which to place extensions. So, how does this work? How do I properly install Inform 7, and where are its folders?

Yes, some Mac software has an installation sequence, but most will open and you drag the package into your applications folder and run it. (Preferably applications although you can put it other places.) It will create an extensions folder on its own. By default it places projects in documents, but you can redirect that and it will remember it.

Extensions I think are in your library folder which I believe is hidden by default. There is a command in the Inform toolbar under File>open extensions folder (if I recall correctly.)

The Inform application is in my applications folder, but the .dmg file is still just sitting in my downloads folder. Not sure how those got separated. Should I just move the .dmg to my applications folder?

Also, if I uncheck the library so I can actually get at my extensions and thust install new ones, where will the library folder be located specifically?

Sorry, I am so new to Macs and I use a screenreader to use them, so this set up is completely new to me.

A .dmg is a “disc image” that opens up to contain (usually) a. Entire application. It behaves like an attached storage media so you can right click and “eject” it and delete or archive the .dmg file as you prefer.

Let inform install your extensions. Either through the public library within inform, or the “install extension” dialogue under the file menu, or by opening an .i7x file and clicking the install button. I’ve never had to bother much with managing extensions on Mac. They just Go where they are supposed to and if I need to modify the actual text of one, I use the “open extensions folder” in Inform.

I’m a bit odd, I don’t like any extra files about. I opened the .dmg file, dragged the application to my applications folder, then tried to delete the .dmg file, but my trash folder said that the dmg “was being used”. Have I messed up?

When the disk image is open it is “mounted” that means you need to eject it before it can be deleted. There is a command+click popup menu or use the keyboard shortcut command+E when the DMG is selected.

Done and done. Thank you!!! :smiley:

Sorry I didn’t explain that clearly at all. At some point the Mac just makes sense and works. I remember soon after I converted from Windows I was trying to import a sound file into an app. I clicked every bit of the application frame, searched through every single menu, tried all manner of things, until someone finally said “Idiot, just drag the file in and drop it where you want.”

Yeah, I’m figuring that out steadily as I go. :slight_smile: