[Inform 7] "Italian Language" extension now available!

It’s finally available the “Italian Language” extension written for Inform 7 6L02
github.com/i7/extensions/tree/m … imo-Stella

The extension makes possible to write Interactive Fiction for italian players, in fact italian becomes the language of play. “Italian Language” is already suitable for the production of adventures, but it’s very probable that a lot of bugs will appear during the development of real games. Please, report any problem, so we can quickly fix them. Thank you in advance!

Bravo Leo!

My congrats.

Thank you very much. However, the preliminary work of Massimo Stella was almost complete. I’ve only fixed some problems with the 6L02 release and I’ve adapted the responses to follow the “story tense” and “story viewpoint”.

There are still problems that make the program crash when the extension uses adjectives, but I’ve applied a workaround that is enough for italian authors to write wonderful text adventures that accept commands and write answers in their native language.

Thank you for the help about verbs in uppercase. The use of “Text Capture” is the only way to go, until Graham will realize :wink: that languages like Italian and Spanish don’t require an implicit subject before verbs, so a sentence could start with a verb without a subject. I don’t think it will be so difficult to take in consideration the case of the first letter of a verb without ignoring it.

Great. Now French seriously lag behind Italian and Spanish :slight_smile:

Quite strange since both were developed starting from a French sample :open_mouth:

A sample released 3 years ago, so it probably changed much since then.