Inform 7 italian extension...

Hi everyone! i’m using Inform 7 and i’d like to change the output of the default actions into italian. i downloaded the extension from there … ndex.html; in inform7, i went in file>install extension, i selected the file italian.i7x, it says “installation complete”. then, in my source tab, i wrote

[code]“GameName” by Tubbadù

Include Italian by Massimo Stella.


but if I click on “Go!” it gives me this error:

…what should I do now?
thank you in advance!

You’ve fallen into an unfortunately common and easy trap. The extensions on that site are for older versions of Inform, and as you saw, won’t always work in the current version.

The latest version of the Italian extension, to my knowledge, is here.

Ok, thank you, i tried to install and include it but now it says

And agains it doesn’t works… :cry:
it says “There must be a bug in this copy of Inform”, so i have to uninstall it and reinstall it again?

That is…really weird. And probably a bug.

What version do you have? (Help > About will tell you this.)

Inform 7 for Windows (23rd February 2018; 6M62)

This was reported a while ago:

There are several related bugs linked in that report. (Same error message.)

ok thanks, so it means that it is not a problem of my computer… but i don’t understand one thing: is it fixable or not?

It’s fixable, but we need to wait for the Inform 7 developers to fix it, which may take quite a while.

In the meantime, downgrading to Inform 7 version 6L38 will fix this and a host of other bugs. You don’t get all the newest features, but given the issues in 6M62 I’ve found 6L38 to be preferable.

Yeahhhhhhh! it works great! thank you very very much, you saved my life :laughing:

In fact, there is a version of the Italian extension that works with 6M62. You however lose the ability to write the source in Italian, and I don’t know if this last version has other updates.

Also, when writing in a language other than English, you shouldn’t include the extension like you did in your first post. You should instead write “(in Italian)” at the end of the first line of your source:

[code]“My Italian Game” by Natrium729 (in Italian)

Italia is a room.

[and so on.][/code]
Maybe you saw that in the documentation of the extension, but you never know.