Inform 7 is ignoring me :(

Store is a room. A cloth sack is a closed openable container in Store. A badger is in the cloth sack. After removing the badger from the cloth sack, say "The badger seemed happier in the sack."
This compiles without a grumble, but the last line is ignored. I tried “After the player…” as well, same outcome. What am I doing wrong?

Also, this might not be the best way to do what I want. I just want a different response to be printed depending on whether the badger is taken from the sack or from a location.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: same for After taking the badger when the badger is in the cloth sack, say "The badger seemed happier in the sack."

It seems like Inform converts the removing action to the taking action in some situations such as this.

The second one worked when I replaced “is in the cloth sack” to “was in the cloth sack”.

Of course! Because it’s an after rule, so at that point the badger is no longer in the sack. Many thanks to you!

Yes, the removing it from action is strange. If you go to the actions tab of the index and click on the magnifying glass next to “removing it from,” you get this blurb:

Which is why it ignored you – “take badger” never was a removing action, though “take badger from sack” would be – and why the taking rule works.