Inform 7 Interface

I am legally blind. I can see the computer but bright white screens cause me problems. Is there a way or extension I can use to turn the background black and the text white in the inform 7 source tab?


Which operating system do you use?

Windows 10

Yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s any way to change the colour scheme of the Windows IDE. You can change the colours, see David’s post below.

I’d suggest editing your source code in another editor like Visual Studio Code, which by default has a dark background. Many editors, including that one, will have a syntax highlighter you can install (though that could just make matters worse for you.) Then you could either return to the IDE to compile, or if you’re comfortable with the Windows command line you could write a script to compile it.


Btw, this forum has a few dark colour schemes too. You can change your theme here:

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Have you tried Zoomtext? It can change the color scheme of your Windows screen. My license to Zoomtext expired this month. After I renew, I will see what I can do on my new Win 10 computer. Even if you do not want to use the Zoom part it can change the color scheme.

I will get back after I get Zoom operational again.


I just reactivated Zoomtext on my new Win 10 computer. You can change the color presentation with Inform 7. Several options are available but the complete reverse works well providing a black theme with light colored text.

You can download a trial version that works 40 minutes at a time. If it times out, you just close Zoom and restart for another 40 minutes.

You can disable the screen reader portion and just use Zoom. If you only need the color settings, you can use 1:1 zoom that doesn’t provide magnification.

The program is very flexible. I have been using it since 2000. The purchase price is high but they offer a subscription option that is not too bad. The trial version works indefinitely but it doesn’t save settings between sessions if I remember correctly.

Let me know if you need help with Zoom.


If inverting the colours of the entire screen is enough for your use case, there’s already a built-in option in Windows (in the ergonomics section, colour filter). There you can display your screen in gray scale or inverted colours.

There’s also a setting to allow toggling it with a keyboard shortcut.

If inverting the colours of the screen is not okay, then using another editor like Dannii suggested may be the best solution.

For an individual with low vision or blindness, Zoomtext is a far better option, much better than the built in options available in Windows. With Mac OS, the built in options are pretty good. With Zoomtext, you have the additional option to read the text on the screen.

Yeah, I’m not a expert when it come to accessibility issues, I’m just trying to add possible solutions. (In fact, it’s likely that the original poster already knows about Windows accessibility options.)

My apologies if I sounded patronising.

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If you get the very latest build of Windows Inform 7 from (or the 64-bit beta version from, then you can change the colours used for the source tab.

To do this, from the Edit menu, select Preferences, which brings up the preferences dialog. You want the first tab, “Editing”. There are controls near the top, labelled “Paper colour”, that set the background colour for normal and extension projects, then the lower controls in “Syntax highlighting” determine the colours used for text in the source tab.


Thanks to ALL of you. I am using the latest build BETA but it allowed me to change it so i can see it. Again thanks to ALL OF YOU!