Inform 7 Image Support?

I am debating between Inform 7 and Twine for writing an IF story. One of the difference makers is going to be image support. My research indicates that Inform 7 can definitely display images, but is mixed on whether or not those images can survive to the web. I would like my IF to be accessible easily through a browser and also to be illustrated. I don’t need to do anything fancy like have players click on a specific part of the image to interact or anything, and I want to avoid anything that would create an expectation of having an image for every room, every character, etc. etc., so Inform’s relatively primitive image displaying capabilities is a feature, not a bug, provided that it can display those images in a browser.


There should be no issue with images in Quixe for online play now.

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Yes, the standard Inform web interpreter can display images. Sound does not work for web play though.

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There’s also Vorple if you don’t mind something more complicated. But according to what you described, you should be OK (and better) with what Inform provides by default, so just don’t mind my message.