Inform 7 Has a problem with it's OWN SCRIPT!

Ok, I am at a total freaking loss. :frowning: The latest version of Inform just found a bunch of errors with its own background script before I even did anything! I got these bug back with the script being nothing but “Test is a room”

Normally I would ask if there was any way to fix this but…err… :laughing:

This is 6L38, right? What platform? Did you download the compiler from the I7 web site or elsewhere?

I just downloaded it from the i7 website and installed it over the 6g60 version on Windows 7. Maybe it took some of the old scripts or something?

I have reverted back and I’m hoping that won’t hurt compatibility. :confused:

Maybe the “over” left some old parts of the package in place? If you want to do this, trash the old version or install the new version next to it with a different name.

I’ve just tried installing 6G60 and the installing 6L38 over the top on Windows, and it all seems fine, so it’s probably not that.

Given the symptoms, I would make a guess that at some point in the past, you’ve copied some of the built-in extensions into the user extension area. (If you have, that’s really not a good idea.) If you look in “My Documents\Inform\Extensions”, is there a “Graham Nelson” folder, and if so, what does it contain?

Is that what happens if you install a built-in extension? Inform used to prompt you to install the built-in extensions (that is, if you opened one up in the editor it would display a warning at the top and give you an “Install” button) if you’re using an old version and get that prompt, ignore it.

That only happened on OSX, so I don’t think that that’s the cause here.

Oh whoops, there was. lol. I had to format a while ago and I just copy-pasted. I think that’s why. I copied the ‘standard rules’ :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks guys!