Inform 7 for Android

I’ve put a beta version of my Inform 7 interface for Android on Google Play. It’s pretty limited right now – only the source and results tabs are implemented, so you can edit source and build, but you can’t test what you’ve built inside of the application. But if you’re interested in trying it out, join the Inform 7 for Android Beta Testers community, then click on the “Sign up for testing” link.

I just added support for the documentation tab. It should show up as an update for testers in the next few hours.

Awesome! What about a program for IOS platform?

I just released a new version with a primative story tab. It’s actually starting to feel like a legitimate Inform 7 interface.

im getting a 404 server error on my phone but im EXTREMELY interested in beta testing this on android. what it the name of the app so i can search google play for it? your link is not working…


gotta check this out! :astonished: