Inform 7 Extension .i7X Help

Hi all, I’m hjaving troubles with installing extensions on my Windows 7 Professional. When I downloaded the extensions, on my Mac they always open up and I am able to install them. However, on Windows, they don’t pop right up and it asks me to have Windows search or pick a basic file to open it up with. (notepad, paint, etc.) I chose notepad, and the source came up in the document. Now I have two questions. A., how can I open them up in i7x, and B., how would I be able to even choose to open it in i7x? (As of now, it opens them automatically in notepad.) Thank you!

An .I7X file is just a text file. Opening them directly serves no purpose. In order to use them, you need to install them.

Open Inform and go to the file menu. You’ll have an option there to install a new extension. Click that and point it to the file you just downloaded. It should open the documentation for that extension in the right panel of Inform once it’s installed. You can then delete the file you downloaded or you can save it to review the source, though you can also open them up directly through Inform and view the text there. Opening them from an external source helps prevent accidents, though.

I don’t know how Inform would handle opening them directly in Windows. To do this, since you already set a file association, right-click the file and go to “Open With”. Click “Other Programs” and see if Inform is there. If not, click “Browse” and find it. Check the box at the bottom that says “Always use the selected program…”. Click OK.

Thank you! :smiley: