Inform 7, Experiencing Things

How would I put a value on an experience? Like AMFV’s internal badness value on events and sights.

I’m not sure what you want to do, so maybe you can be more specific?

If you want to keep track of how many bad things someone has seen, for instance, you could try something like this:


Bad things counter is a number that varies. Bad things counter is 1.

A thing has a number called the badness. The badness of a thing is usually 0.

The mutilated corpse is here. The badness of the mutilated corpse is 3.

The disembodied hand is here. The badness of the disembodied hand is 2.

After examining:
increase the bad things counter by the badness of the noun;
now the badness of the noun is 0.


But maybe this is not at all what you want?

Exactly it. Thank you. I figure I’m going to use this eventually, possibly wierding out guests of a dinner party or such. I could imagine a lot of scenarios where I could use this. Really, thank you.