Inform 7: Every game freezes after one command

Hookay, this is new. Running Inform 7 and Zoom on an OS X Lion, over a TB of disc space… just editing my game when suddenly it starts freezing just after one command. That’s weird, I thought, since I just changed some item properties, but ok - I roll back to the previous version of the code: that freezes too. Compiled code freezes when I play it with Zoom. What’s weirder, all the previous game projects freeze also after one turn. All of these work perfectly with my laptop, no problem.

Delete Inform from the computer, delete Application Support stuff, reboot, reinstall - the same problem (it does find the “previous projects” somewhere, though, so maybe I haven’t found all the settings files).

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

BTW, when testing the code with “test xxx with” that plays the game through, or with “play to here” on skein, it may take three times for the game to run without the interpreter stopping unexpectedly. As in, clicking the replay three or four times makes it go through…

Zoom is currently buggy on Lion. See threads:

Try Gargoyle instead.

…If you’re having trouble in the I7 IDE, make sure you have the latest version. I7 for Mac was updated in Aug 2011 to fix Lion incompatibilities.

Okay, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Inform several times & manually deleting all the leftovers I could find. Finally got it to work by running Onyx, cleaning all the caches and doing yet another reboot & reinstall. :S That was weird, and not in a good way.