Inform 7 EPUB

Hey, all. I was very impressed with the EPUB formatted documentation. As a Kindle user, I tried to make a MOBI version to send to my e-ink Kindle, but Calibre generated a file that Amazon rejected, and kindlegen didn’t work on the EPUB as shipped.

For those who might be interested in how I worked around this through crude and possibly destructive hackery, take a look at the bug report I filed (unfortunately with a semi-misleading title, as I forgot to revise it as I investigated the problems with the EPUB.)

Please know, also, that I am fairly inexperienced with EPUB, so it’s very possible that I screwed something up…feedback welcome.

Here’s the link:

I made a mobi version directly in calibre by simply using the epub zip and converting it to mobi.
I copied it straight to my physical kindle (kindle keyboard) and kindle android app on my Nexus 7 using a USB cable without using the amazon service.
Using all the default calibre for kindle settings there are a few nested menu boxes that you first have to click ‘into’ and then click the links, but all the individual links and page turns are working fine.