Inform 7: Dropping something while in a container

I enter a container and then drop items.
However the items appear in the holder of the container.
This appears to be a bug, but I’m not sure.
I got around it by having the items dropped be routed to the container itself.

Also I have NOT tried this with a supporter, although I suspect the same
thing happens there as well.

Can you post a slimmed-down excerpt of your code that reproduces the problem? This behaves as expected:

[code]Lab is a room. A pedestal is an enterable supporter in lab. A box is an open enterable container on the pedestal. The player carries a McGuffin.

Test me with “enter pedestal/enter box/drop mcguffin/look”.[/code]

So I suspect you’ve got something else that is messing with the expected behavior.

I found the problem and corrected it. It was in my extension.