Inform 7 documentation epub: useful? desirable?

A thing I suspect most people don’t know is that with 10.1, one can generate an epub of the documentation. For instance, if you’ve compiled your own and are at the top-level of your local inform repo, then:

indoc/Tangled/indoc -from resources/Documentation ebook

will write a 2.7M file to resources/Documentation/Output/Inform - A Design System for Interactive Fiction.epub with the whole of Writing with Inform and the Recipe Book within.

I was wondering whether anyone has used such an epub… or even if anyone likes the idea of reading the docs with an e-reader and thinks they would if they had a copy.


I use epub for documents that I read on an iPad. I can enlarge the text for my low vision.

Thank you for the tip!

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I’ll note that one can go to the all-on-one-page version of my web I7 docs and “save as > web page complete” and use it locally thereafter.


I’ve found both your documentation remix and epub format of the books to be incredibly useful, although the formatting of the epub could be better (there’s a lot of padding/margin). I like to flip through it on my phone when I’m waiting around.

What would honestly be amazing is epub versions of the Standard Rules. It’s honestly an incredible resource and is surprisingly readable for a beginner.

I may be in the minority but I would love to have nice printed copies of all of these (I found an old PDF that had a nicely typeset version of the standard rules code but it’s from ages ago).


Or at least allow the export of them in PDF format so we can print our own privately on Lulu, for example.


Heh. I had basically forgotten that inf7 could generate an epub of the 6M62 docs. That was a while ago.


The remix docs are so much better though and I try to go for those when I’m on my iPad. Incorporating Borogrove and Parchment as well as a test transcript is also a really handy feature!