Inform 7 Crash when Opening Project

I’m Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and just did a clean install about a week ago.

Last night I started a simple project for a class and work on it for a bit, saved it and closed out. Now when I try to open it (either through “Reopen last Project” or “Open an existing project”, inform 7 crashes. Anyone have any idea what may be going on and/or how to get it to work again?


Is it just that project?

another thread seems to hint that bad file permissions can yield strange behaviors. Did you do anything that might have messed them up?

For a rescue op I would try creating a new project and then locate the file containing the actual Inform code (it’s on windows too, is it?) and copy-paste it to the new project.

But then I gave up on Windows around XP, maybe somebody else has a better idea.

I experience the same or a similar thing, seemingly at random, once in a while, on Windows 7. Can’t tell what causes it, but I’ve found that I can generally open the project from the file menu within the IDE (after either opening another project that can be opened from the ‘Welcome’ window or by first starting a new project from scratch). After saving the troublesome project anew, I don’t think I remember any problem of reopening it from the ‘Welcome’ window.

I, too, have seen this issue on Windows 7 64-bit. Like Felix, I’ve been unable to reliably reproduce it; it’s intermittent and often tends to appear when I save a blank project.

I think it’s this.

Reloading a game will crash when:

There is more than one line of code.
The elastic tabs setting is activated.
There are no tabs anywhere in the code.
The first line is more than 38 characters long.

You can fix this by either adding a tab character to the source code or by turning off the elastic tabs setting.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, it seems that opening a different project and then opening the first project in the IDE gets around the issue.

Thanks for the help guys.

This sounds like a buffer overrun problem in the front-end that I spotted and fixed earlier this year, and it also sounds like it’s more common than I thought. I will try to get a new build of the Windows front-end out in the next few days, which will hopefully fix it.

I’ve put up a new Windows build of Inform 7 6G60 on and the IF-Archive that will, I hope, fix this problem.