Inform 7 crash in Ubuntu

Inform 7 was previously crashing quite infrequently, and I figured it came with the field of having an old Ubuntu installed, amongst other things (I7 is listed round the place to crash on the odd occasion)

But now it’s happening more frequently, but not “every single time” which is confusing me, after all, if it was a certain extension, then wouldn’t it happen every-time? It happens on and off, it does the compiling, then when about to switch into “game view/start the game” it crashes.

I’m running an older version of Ubuntu (11.04) I’m planning to update Unbuntu very shortly to a newer version (if there’s particular versions that don’t go/or currently have problems with I7 that you know of, please let me know :slight_smile: )

Edited to Add - Whoopsie! In case it is a weird error with extensions, these are the ones I currently have installed:

Include Plurality by Emily Short.
Include Custom Library Messages by Ron Newcomb.
Include Touchy Feely by Quantum Games.
Include Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short.
Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.
Include Extended Grammar by Aaron Reed.
Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
Include Extended Debugging by Erik Temple.
Include Object Response Tests by Juhana Leinonen.

Its just completely closing, no error or notice. If I re-open it, and press compile, it will compile fine.

Here’s the error from the app/syslogs:

kernel: [776810.665776] gnome-inform7[5925]: segfault at 44 ip 080609be sp ae75fed0 error 4 in gnome-inform7[8048000+6f000]

If anyone knows what ^ this means I would love to know, lol. Thanks

Is the error message always the same? If so, this is probably worth a bug report to make sure it gets the attention of the gnome-inform7 maintainer. You can submit one at:

Alternatively: If you want to see whether upgrading Ubuntu fixes the issue before reporting, my suggestion would be to upgrade to 12.04 Precise Pangolin. That’s the newest long-term release, and it will be supported for another 2 1/2 years.

12.04 will actually be supported until April 2017!