[INFORM 7] Changing the Default Room

For organizational purposes, the first room in my code is not the room where I want my player to start. I can put a “Now the player is in x room” in the WHEN PLAY BEGINS portion, but organizationally the IDE lists the first room in the code as the “start room”.

Is there a way, coding-wise, to force Inform 7 to identify the start room as what I want it to be?

Saying something like “The player is in the laboratory.” works for me, though I don’t know if this makes it the default room.

It doesn’t. It’s really a minor thing. The player doesn’t know the diference, it’s only for the IDE knowing x room isn’t really the starting room.

(Listen to zarf below, not to me.)

[s]Presumably, the only way to change it would be to change the default value of the room kind. (See here.) I don’t know if that is possible without I6 hacking though. This is worth a shot:

The default value of room is My Room.

but I doubt it will compile. :slight_smile: (I don’t have I7 open right now.)[/s]

What list are you talking about here?

Rooms are listed in a couple of places in the Index tab. A declaration like “The player is in the laboratory.” ensures that the laboratory is the start room for the purposes of the World Index page.

After compiling, on the “Index” tab where the “World” button is, next to the room that is first in my game it says “room where play begins”, even though I programming place the player in a different room at the start.

Don’t put it in a “when play begins” rule, just declare it.

"Test Case" by Andrew Plotkin

The Kitchen is a room.
The Bathroom is a room.

The player is in the Bathroom.

Oh you’re awesome, zarf. Thanks. So simple I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.