Inform 7: Change log for the next build

The next build of Inform 7 is still a little distant, since the last bugs are being ironed out after fairly deep and extensive revisions to the internal code. However, those curious about the changes anticipated can now view the change log here: … ext-build/

Typo in change log: replace the regular expression “” in T with “”; – missing some vowel-matcher expression.

And now, my actually useful comment:

The status report on Quixe, which will provide this support for Glulx story files:

The core VM is complete. (Thanks to Iain Merrick for pitching in to help with some of the more intricate features.) There are some optimizations to be done, but all Glulx code can execute correctly.

The UI layer is usable, for basic features (text and text windows). There is some infrastructure left to plumb in. The following advanced UI features do not yet work: graphics, sound, hyperlinks, text style-hints, and external files (for save/restore/transcript/etc.) The UI is also not properly tuned for iPhone/iPad/Android use.

Hyperlinks are nearly done – that’s what I’ve been doing this week. Save and restore are critical, so I’ll work on that next. (I will be copying Parchment’s save-to-URL-bookmark model, but I also want to look at HTML5 DOM storage.) I’d like to get the iPad stuff working, because, you know, it’s hot. (And mine arrives tomorrow.)

At that point I will consider the thing shippable, and I’ll work on doing a release that can be dropped into I7. Graphics and sound will have to wait. Not all games care about multimedia, but with the upcoming I7, I suspect most games will want to use dynamic lists, temporary relations, and indexed text. Z-code isn’t dead, but it is increasingly uncomfortable.

Sweet! Thanks for the update.


Huge props to the I7 team for getting this on the verge of release.

I’m particularly pleased with some of the updates to the standard library. Huzzah for doors that finally open by themselves! :slight_smile:

Awesome news, both for Inform 7 and Quixe! Congratulations on the good work!


The site seems to be luffing, so I copied the document text to

great work, thank you!

Great news! I had no idea it was that far along.

I guess I better get to work integrating Quixe into Parchment now then, as a lot of it would be of benefit to Gnusto too, especially the savefile stuff.

I’d very much like to see save/restore via HTML5. At that point we’re headed for JS interpreters being usable as a general-purpose solution.

When you reach the point of looking at speed issues, do please let me know. I’ve stumbled upon some I7 constructs that slow things to a crawl for Parchment running z-code; I’d be interested to see if the same thing occurs for Glulx.

Yeah, no kidding. At this point getting an I7-based game to fit in .z5 is difficult, and staying within a .z8 is hard.

Sight unseen, the answer is YES. The only question is how much slower will everything be.

(I haven’t tested any I7-generated game code.)