Inform 7 Capabilities


I’m coming over from Quest Text Adventures and a game I was developing there called ‘Apocamorphosis’. Currently, I’m trying to learn Inform 7 in an attempt to port the entire game to this engine.

So I was curious what Inform 7 was capable of handling. Apocamorphosis has about 110,000+ lines of code. 1.8 million words so far and about 15-20 turn-scripts. It also has pictures and music/sfx.

Is Inform 7 capable of handling a game of that magnitude? Or should I be looking at Unity or another text adventure engine?


The largest Inform 7 source code I know of is Flexible Survival. From this report, when it hit about 3.7 million words it started having trouble with the Inform compiler at the time, but since then I think the Inform team has done some things to make Inform handle large files better.

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Sounds good :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know!

thanks for the pointer ! albeit is an AIF, should be an useful stress test for that accursed [1] ni and its proclivity to segfault under Linux…

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[1] obs. reference to curses, of course

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