[Inform 7] Basic question: order of execution for actions.

What I mean by this is, in what order do the “Instead of”, “Carry out”, “Before”, “After” etc. bits of running an action get executed by Inform 7? Pretty sure this is both fairly straightforward (a linear progression?) and in the manual, but I can’t figure it out.

Any help?


See 12.2 in the documentation.

Robert Rothman

  1. Before
  2. Instead
  3. Check
  4. Carry out
  5. After
  6. Report

Instead rules by default stops the action in failure;
after rules by default stops the action in success:
so, writing an instead or after rule (unless it explicitly tells the game to “continue the action”) means that any later rulebooks (or later rules in the same rulebook) will not be considered.

Thanks for that. Looks like I was looking in the wrong place, then.

If you’re interested in the really detailed answer as well, the Chart of Rules elaborates on the process.

That I am! Thanks for the link!