Inform 7 and security software

This isn’t really a question about coding with Inform, but more about annoying slowdown issues on my computer when I try to test my Inform 7 games. For some reason, there’s a lengthy delay after clicking F5 before the game begins playing - 10-15 seconds on average, though on a few occasions it’s been 20+ seconds. It makes testing games pretty frustrating as I seem to spend more waiting than I do actually testing.

One thing I noticed, though, is that if I disable the real time protection on my security software, there’s almost no delay at all before the game begins playing. I’ve had this issue when I used Norton Antivirus and now with Microsoft Security Essentials. I can disable the real time protection easily enough but I’m paranoid about getting a virus and, knowing me, I’ll probably forget to turn it back on afterwards and only discover the bad news when my computer blows up in my face.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, if there a setting in MSE I can change to stop it slowing down Inform (maybe just something to tell it Inform isn’t a virus and doesn’t need checking every time it runs)? Is there a setting in Inform I can change that might help?

I assume this is due to the creation of a new build of the game each time you test. Could you exempt the build folder from virus checking?

Ah, turns out I can. Just adding the whole directory to the excluded files in MSE stops the slowdown.


I find with Avast occasionally the problem report file will be open for scanning by Avast, denying access and resulting in Inform being unable to compile for a minute or two until Avast finishes with it.

Well not for me! :grimacing:
I’ve added both Inform7 and all the individual files in the Compilers folder and also all the files in the folder just for the fun of it but I still get the delay and warning telling me to disable Windows Defender for the same files and folders…?!?

Can you disable it for the directory? Inform may be replacing the old files with new ones with the same name, and Windows Defender might be suspicious of that.

I think we found the problem was with the many files in the game’s index.

Woah…!, the serendipitious discovery of your answer just solved an old problem I had since 2017. So it was Windows Defender after all… Thanks! :wink: