Inform 7: Adding sounds

i have read a bit about adding sound to inform, but i still dont get how to do it. Is there anyone who can explain it to me in simple terms.

First you need a sound file in the Ogg format (mp3 won’t work).

Then find (or create) the “Materials” folder for your game.
Say your game is called “The Flying Hedgehog”; then there is, somewhere on your hard disk, a file called “The Flying Hedgehog.inform”.
Now, in that same place where you found “The Flying Hedgehog.inform”, create a new folder called “The Flying Hedgehog Materials” (if there isn’t one already).

Open the Flying Hedgehog Materials folder, and inside it create a folder called simply “Sounds”.
Put the ogg-file inside that Sounds folder.

There you are.

This hedgehog is leading you in circles.